Speaking engagements

Andreas Gravdal is a national acclaimed youth speaker. He combines heartfelt inspiration, humor, and practical strategies to drive change. Andreas speaks in a way that’s entertaining and grabs the attention of even the most difficult teen instantly. Andreas always puts on a show.

Student Events

Why do some teenagers tend to leave school while others finish with decent results? Why do some talk to everybody while others are looking for that hole in the ground? Why do some face the challanges coming while others hardly bother getting up in the morning?

The answers are many and complexed. But, has it ever occured to you that many of the choices we make in life is based on how we view of ourself?

Wtith the speech IDENTITY  Andreas addresses young people whith this simple question: WHO ARE YOU? This question sums up what identity is all about, and at the same time it tells us where we are headed in life.

Topics covered:

  • how to build a good self image
  • how labels we carry along in life will define us
  • how to make positive choices in life
  • how to change bad habits


Grownup Events


What is it?
An interactive teaching setting with Andreas Gravdal. 

Who is it for?
Parents, teachers, leaders, uncles and aunts, neighbors –

In other words, people who aren’t teens?
Exactly. Everybody who works or are in any contact with youth.

What will Andreas be talking about?

  • A quick look at young people of today
  • Self image, the fundament in life
  • Who am I?
  • How labels we carry along in life will define us
  • How to build a strong self image in young people
  • Communication

How do I come in contact with Andreas?
Send an email or pick up the phone…
(tel) +47 976 62 457