About Andreas

Andreas Gravdal didn’t win the Olympic gold medal, cross the North Pole or climb Mount Everest or anything like that, but, through many years spent his time helping and guiding youth make something of their lives. Andreas Gravdal is that guy who has spent a great deal of his life working with young people.

He’s developed a reputation as a skilled communicator, and meets nearly 10 000 young people a year at everything between junior high to universities. He also address groups of parents, educators and professionals.

In addition to traveling all across Norway giving speeches, he is also author of the book “En utrolig bra bok for unge folk” (An awesome book for young people) and “2.plass holder, takk” (Second place for me, please.)

His passion is to inspire, educate and challenge young people to believe in themselves. Not a lot of mumbo jumbo, just common sense.

If you want to hire Andreas to speak at your event, he would love to hear from you: